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Impart Hypnosis Information Accurately! Use these Professional Marketing Tools!
In a relentless effort to supply you with the most comprehensive resources available, we proudly provide a catalog of videos that you may freely download (all or segments) the Association's award-winning documentary 'Hypnosis and You, A Perfect Partnership!' You may enjoy and freely download to your own website. There are no strings attached.
Narrated by George Bien, 'Hypnosis and You, A Perfect Partnership!' is a State-of-the-Art documentary-style program, designed to introduce Hypnosis and YOU to the community, to acquaint viewers with the benefits of Hypnosis and better understand how it can be applied to enhance lives.

It can be used to: 

  • Introduce Hypnosis to the Health Care Community, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Body Workers & More...
  • Use it for Meetings, Talks, Demonstrations, Waiting Rooms & Corporations.
  • Present Members with a Professional Image.
  • Impart Hypnosis Information Accurately. 

Topics Include:

  • Brief History
  • Definitions
  • Medical Applications 
  • Hypnosis in Sports 
  • Business Overview 
  • Celebrity Testimonials and much more!
There are 8 segments from which to choose, including the full-run documentary. Which ones will you choose? The download is FREE – Just copy the provided HTML code (provided below the video) to put it on your own web site. Here is the link to get the HTML code http://www.hypnosisalliance.com/movies.php

Flash Quiz for your Web Site:

The Association has made available a quiz that you may enjoy and freely download to your own website. There are no strings attached.

“Are You Hypnotizable?’

is a fun quiz designed for the new visitor who has an interest in hypnosis. The program isFREE – just copy the provided HTML code from the link and put it on your own web site.
Are You Hypnotizable?

Most people think they aren’t. But, in fact, 95% of people are hypnotizable. How do you measure up?
The quiz is designed for you to gain a better understanding into how you might react in different situations and how those reactions form patterns to determine how you process information….

As always our priorities remain dedicated to providing you with exceptional service. It is with YOU in mind that we continue to expand our services.  

Of importance to us is the satisfaction you have with your affiliation, and all the benefits available to you through our steadfast commitment to the profession.
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